About Us

We are a privately held investment and advisory firm with a focus in delivering exceptional uncorrelated returns for our investors through investments in disruptive technologies.


With a flexible approach to capital, we invest across a multitude of asset classes and industries in projects where technological disruption and democratization of resources is a key component.


investment banking and research services boutique firm with a focus in private equity and late-stage venture capital activities in exponential technologies.


Investment fund and company builder focused in projects with business models based on different exponential technologies, such as blockchain, AI, Big Data and Web3, built with the goal of shaping the global transition to descentralization


Asset manager and investment firm established to effectively assist in trading, managing and custodian cryptocurrencies and tokens with an impartial look at the general perspectives of the market.

What we do

Our team & networks

We work with an interdisciplinary team in which each member stands out for their commitment, knowledge in their area of expertise, analytical skills, experience and innovative vocation.


We have a network of partners and collaborators with whom we work in an integrated manner in Latin America, US and Europe.

Our expertise, professional networks and proven track record, allows us to manage every aspect of our projects: from project analysis and feasibility studies to financing and development.

Impact | Our Commitment

We seek to  build a better, more equitable, inclusive and sustainable future through the development of scalable and successful businesses with a high return on investment and a strong anchor in development in industries and technologies that are profitable and  beneficial to society and the planet.


We promote and support financial and technological inclusion, equity, education, renewable energies and care for the environment, access to health, professional development opportunities, research and development for the economic and social strengthening of societies.  


Fostering a triple impact economy, and looking forward to the future, innovation and opportunities that emerge from new technologies, we are committed to the development of profitable businesses that have real impact on the economy, the environment and the improvement of people’s lives,  by generating value and solving unsolved problems.